Declaration of 30 November 2019

We think that the following reforms are necessary in order to create a society where people LIVE TOGETHER, freed from the greed for money, and where they are able to appreciate one another and the nature they live in:

  • the economy is again being put in the service of the human being and nature, with an accountancy that anchors the protection of human being and nature;
  • the domains of common interest are being kept out of control of the free market; education, ( health) care, mobility, culture, taxation, communication, energy, agriculture, and justice are the domains in which the pursuit of profit cannot longer be pursued;
  • (health) care, interdependence, introspection, contemplation, humor, love, and justice are all values having priority over material progress;
  • awareness is being created for the limits to material and virtual growth;
  • the government in its redistributive function is being held responsible and accountable for a fair distribution of wealth as well as for the enforcement of the fundamental human rights;
  • the emancipation of humanity is being promoted and fostered by rethinking and redefining terms as “Work”, “Productivity”, and “Progress”.

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Signatories are only expected to declare that they are in favor of a society organized according to these guidelines.